Ten Strategies to Avoid Relapse: One Mother’s Perspective

Posted by asiadmin - May 20th, 2016

candles-14218501)  Set boundaries and present options.


2)  Avoid ongoing negative criticism. Patience is a virtue.


3)  Keep your voice at a low, even tone. Don’t fight, and no screaming matches.


4)  Use behavior modification. Every chance you get, praise and reinforce positive behavior.


5)  Find a peer-to-peer support group. Normalize your loved one’s life as much as possible.


6)  Seek additional sources of support, such as counseling, psychotherapy, and cognitive coaching.


7)  Identify and build on your loved one’s strengths and the activities he or she enjoys.


8)  Focus: together, set short- and long-term goals, and take small action steps.


9)  Strive to establish a good relationship and good rapport.


10)  Exemplify hope, courage and faith.

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